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Andy (Oxford)

I have been a client of Ian’s for the last 6 years. I had severe back problems when I first went to see Ian, at the time he described me as 5% fit! I had been to 5 other physio/osteopaths before I found Ian, but with limited success. Ian got straight to the problem and started with the basics of trying to re-train my body to stay in alignment from week to week. In the early stages I saw Ian every 2-3 weeks. I now go every 3-4 months!

I’m extremely thankful for Ian’s excellent work for making me the fittest/strongest I’ve been for about 15 years. Ian also got me into road cycling which has become my main hobby over the last 3 years!

I have recommended Ian to 8+ of my friends & family and would certainly have no hesitations in recommending him to anyone else.

Laura (Bicester)

After years of back and hip pain I booked in for a consultation with Ian to see if anything could be done. Straight away Ian was able to identify the reasons why I had been suffering and told me he was confident he could help. I could not believe that after a few sessions, alongside implementing Ian’s suggestions at home, I was no longer experiencing pain; that until I started therapy I’d felt daily. I had been for physiotherapy before and my symptoms did not improve; therefore I would definitely recommend Ian as a therapist, based on the results I experienced.

Alan (Oxford)

I have worked with Ian for almost ten years now. Increasing difficulties with my back and neck (I am both very tall and very slim) had taken me to a number of practitioners, but the impact of any treatment was only ever short-lived. From the outset, Ian made it clear that he saw our work as a partnership, and that I would have to take responsibility for carrying out exercises and unlearning bad postural habits between sessions. In return, he was able to offer a profound understanding of body structure, and a real ability to work at depth with entrenched body processes. My body as I approach fifty is in better shape than at any time in my adult life, and I usually only need to see Ian for “top-up” treatments every six weeks. He is unfailingly warm and positive, and has a lovely sense of humour; a session with him is always a pleasure, however uncomfortable some of the adjustments and releases may be! There are only a handful of practitioners that I trust to work with my body, and that I unhesitatingly recommend to other people – Ian is one of them

John (Oxford)

I first started seeing Ian four years ago to help me manage a severely messed-up knee.  I had already had two operations to remove the cartilage, but found in mid-2008 that I was in severe pain when walking.  On the recommendation of another long term patient, I met Ian and he helped alleviate the pain while I waited for a partial knee cap replacement operation.  During that time Ian also gave me exercises to do at home to strengthen the muscles and tendons supporting my knee.  By the time I had the operation my knee felt stronger than it had for a very long time.

Post operation the surgeon said he was amazed at the movement that I had so soon after the operation.  I continued seeing Ian and quickly became fully rehabilitated.  If you are thinking of using Ian for physiotherapy and want to improve, don’t think he is a miracle maker.  Your recovery will have as much to do with the effort you put in as to his expert care.  Bring the two together and you will see results.

I have also been using Ian for personal training over the past three years.  In 2009, I had an operation to remove a brain tumour.  I reacted very badly to the chemo-therapy and was on a high dosage of steroids for several months.  Two of the side effects of being on steroids are: deterioration of muscle and weight gain.  Through the training sessions I have recovered my muscle sufficiently enough to go running and over the course of a year, through the regular sessions and managing my diet, I lost the weight I had targeted and now am the lightest I’ve been for 30 years.

It gets better, because of my weak knees I suffered from chronic back pain – Ian’s targeted sessions have built my core strength and I rarely suffer from back-pain any longer.  Ian is a great motivator and because of his physio background he is able to monitor my body in real-time and adjust the exercises when needed.  Once again, Ian’s style is that I have to take a lot of responsibility for achieving my goals; so he provides a routine and encourages me to put all my effort into each session; which always leaves me feeling tired but exhilarated. He brings all his own equipment with him so you don’t have a huge expense to kit out your gym.

Whether you are looking for somebody to unbundle your knots or encourage you to live a healthier lifestyle I have no hesitation in recommending Ian.

Angela (Woodstock)

I would like to recommend Ian Maskell 100%, as a superb physiotherapist. His thorough approach and superb knowledge of sporting injuries and corrective exercise were invaluable enabling me to prolong my involvement in competitive sport well into my forties. When I required back surgery in 2008 he helped me to regain full fitness. In 2011 my daughters and I sustained whiplash injuries in a car accident. He combined thorough diagnosis, with efficient treatment and excellent corrective exercises to ensure we all made a complete recovery.