Personal Training


Contacting me is the first step on the way to becoming a fitter healthier and happier person.
I will help you on your journey to fitness and wellbeing every step of the way.
Using structured training sessions personalised to your goals, we will work together as a team very closely on your progress and as your body changes you will feel and look fitter and healthier.
I will adapt and change the training frequently to allow your body the best possible chance to meet your goals.

Physiotherapy/Personal Training

A number of my Physiotherapy clients have become long term personal training clients understanding the importance of continuing with the rehabilitation and combining it with total body fitness with improved postural awareness and clean diet to obtain the long term health of the body.
I make sure before each training session that you are happy and if in pain can quickly treat you on the spot to allow the training to continue.

The Training

You will have short routines to do each day that will be challenging but very rewarding and enjoyable especially when your see and feel positive changes quickly.
I ask for total commitment and also give it in return as this is the only way to achieve fantastic results.
I have the use of a highly professional Personal Training Gym within easy reach from Oxford city centre which is fully kitted out with all the latest equipment.


I will check your posture and movement patterns before each session and make corrections as needed to allow your body to train and move efficiently.


Joint MOBILITY exercises will be a daily event along with FLEXIBILITY (stretching) exercises.
This will allow the joints and muscles to have a range of movement that will allow you to train with confidence.
Combined with specific STRENGTH exercises your body will start to move with a controlled ease which is a pleasure to feel and see.


I recommend all my clients to eat a varied diet full of fresh enzyme rich foods high in vitamins minerals and amino acids.
The correct balance of Protein and Carbohydrates to allow the muscles to sustain the training load and recover and grow strong.
Depending on your energy output calorie intake I will work closely with you to make sure you consume the correct calories as excess calories from food = WEIGHT GAIN!
So remember to lose body fat you need to eat clean and train clever.
I can introduce you to selected weight loss programmes that are evidence based and safe.

New Client First Consultation

90 minute duration
A medical history is taken followed by a health questionnaire.
This is where we look at achievable goals in the short term so as to get you motivated and to allow you to have a safe healthy base to push onto your more long term goals.

Fitness Test

To determine your body’s Mobility, flexibility, strength and cardiovascular levels which then allows me to tailor a training plan for you to get started safely.

Sports Specific Training

I have worked with Professional and Amateur sports people from a large variety of different sports including
Athletics, Cycling, Equestrian, Hockey, Motorsports, Rugby, Show Jumping, Tennis, Triathlon and many more.

I also train clients from different backgrounds & all walks of life to exceed their fitness goal that they previously found impossible to achieve.

Muscle Activation “BE ACTIVATED” Douglas Heel

I teach this self-activation technique to every one of my clients so that they can activate their self’s before each training session.
It’s a muscle activation system that uses reflexes to stimulate the nervous and electrical systems of the body which ACTIVATE/switch on the muscles to fire in the correct order instantly.
Starting with the DIAPHRAGM, I will show you how to use this muscle properly which gives the body up to 60% of its oxygen uptake but also it works in conjunction with the PSOAS/Hip flexors, these very important muscles are used before any other in initiating movement.
When both Diaphragm & Psoas are activated the rest of the muscles will follow suit but only after small precise pressure points are administered to activate each muscle in turn.
You will be able to move with ease, feeling lighter and more flexible than you have done for years.
The body will have more mobility, flexibility and because the muscles are more efficient when firing in the correct pattern your Strength, Power and Endurance will be massively improved instantly.